Culture book

Culture book is a document or publication created by a company, organization, or team that contains recorded values, norms, principles, and organizational culture of the respective entity. It is a tool designed to describe and capture essential elements of a company's culture so that employees, clients, and other interested parties have a better understanding of how the company operates and what values it adheres to.

A culture book often includes descriptions of:

  1. Company values: It lists the values that are important to the organization, which can be ethical principles, strategic goals, or other beliefs.
  2. Norms and principles: It documents the expected behavior of employees within the organization, such as their attitude towards customers, colleagues, or work ethics.
  3. History and mission: It outlines the company's history and its purpose, helping to explain why the organization exists and what its goals are.
  4. Stories and examples: Culture books often contain specific stories, examples, or anecdotes that illustrate the company's culture and values.
  5. Graphics and photos: These may be used to visually represent the organizational culture.

The culture book aims to help unify and promote the organizational culture, assisting employees and stakeholders in better understanding what the company stands for. It is also a tool that can be used in the recruitment process to attract candidates who align with the company's organizational culture.