Assesment Center

Method of assessing and evaluating the skills, competencies, and behaviors of employees or job candidates. It is a structured and systematic process aimed at assessing various aspects related to an individual's performance and potential in the context of specific job roles or positions.

In an Assessment Center, participants are subjected to various types of tasks and simulations, which may include:

  1. Individual and group problem-solving tasks: Participants may be asked to solve specific problems or situations related to the job.
  2. Case studies: Individuals may be requested to analyze and consider hypothetical business situations.
  3. Interpersonal exercises: Assessing interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a group, such as through role-plays, negotiations, or presentations.
  4. Leadership assessment: Evaluating leadership abilities and team management skills.
  5. Psychometric tests: Often included are psychometric tests that assess personality traits, communication skills, and intelligence levels.

All these elements are assessed by observers or assessors who closely analyze the behaviors and achievements of participants. The results from the Assessment Center are used to evaluate and select employees or candidates for promotion to managerial or specialized positions. This method allows for a more comprehensive and objective assessment of the skills and potential of individuals than traditional job interviews.